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An awesome LTD advocate in your corner

I had a Long Term Disability dispute with a well known disability insurance company. Having successfully appealed two previous denials on my own, I hit a brick wall after 2 years. Enter Mel Crawford. Mel is very experienced in the disability insurance space. He is honest and kind. His price structure is fair, easy to understand, and he is worth every penny. I felt confident handing off my appeal to Mel and he did not disappoint. We won the appeal first try! The only thing I regret, is not hiring Mel sooner. I like his location in north Seattle, so I didn’t have to drive into Downtown. It is such a relief knowing that I can go back to Mel if/when I get another heart-stopping letter of denial.


Best Decision Ever

Hiring Mel was without question the most game-changing decision I ever made. I thought my disability insurance was an excessive safety net that I would never need to use. When a disabling health crisis struck, I was shocked by a system that has been carefully designed to kick people out when they are already down. When a friend of a friend sent me Mel’s information, I would quickly learn what a gift I had been given. The difference between Mel and the other attorneys I interviewed was immediately clear. Mel not only had an ideal track record and in-depth knowledge of this labyrinthine system, he also had empathy. It is clear when speaking to Mel that this is not just a business. He is on a mission to truly help people that are suffering injustice, and he knows how to fight for them and win! This is what everyone seeks as an ideal when they find themselves in need of an advocate, and few are so fortunate to find. If you are fortunate enough to have found Mel, congratulations! You are in excellent hands.



Capable, diligent, insightful, compassionate, efficient

I engaged Mr. Crawford regarding a complex disability case. Mr. Crawford proved to be capable, diligent, insightful, compassionate, and efficient throughout the case. He worked closely with me as the client as well as with another attorney handling a related matter, resulting in excellent teamwork and positive outcomes. Mr. Crawford was meticulous in his analysis of the issues, and reflective on strategies and tactics, yet ready to take action or adapt to shifting circumstances. Mr. Crawford made himself available electronically, by phone, conference call, and in-person, as required. He demonstrated awareness and insights into the implications of my case for me as whole person, and taken together with his legal expertise, adept interpersonal skills, and deeply held ethical values, was an outstanding advocate. I would return to Mr. Crawford and recommend him in the highest way.

A compassionate advocate

When I became unable to work due to a debilitating illness, I naively thought that I could simply submit my disability insurance claim and begin receiving benefits. After my initial application and first tier appeal were denied, my employer’s human resources attorney strongly recommended that I contact Mel Crawford. Mr. Crawford specializes in disability law, I was told, and is highly regarded by colleagues and clients alike. After thoroughly reviewing my case, Mr. Crawford agreed to represent me and clearly explained the details of his approach, fee structure, and timeline – all of which seemed efficient, fair, and informed by his many years of experience. Throughout the process (final appeal and then litigation), Mr. Crawford was professional, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. He welcomed my myriad questions and responded quickly to my emails, which went a long way toward allaying my anxieties during this physically, financially, and emotionally difficult experience. He was efficient with his time, spot on with his recommendations, persuasive in his well-crafted arguments, and determined to bring all of his considerable talents to bear on my behalf. In the end, Mr. Crawford successfully negotiated a settlement, which was – for me – the best possible outcome. I couldn’t be more grateful for his advocacy, expertise, and compassion.

Lawyer who truly cares!

We called quite a few attorneys to find the right one to help on a short term disability case. Mel stood out from the reviews on this page and from the first phone call, he came through as someone who cares about the individual. He stood by us and helped us through hurdle after hurdle and even when at times we wanted to give up, he patiently encouraged us to see it through. I really can’t say enough – I have never had to work with an attorney so didn’t know what to expect. I have a feeling that Mel is someone special though and encourage people to contact him for assistance. Today I found out that the case was settled in favor of us and this will allow us to get back on track. Thank you Mel!
I was referred to Mel by another attorney and I hired him to handle my LTD claim when I was denied my LTD benefits for an injury that occurred at work. My LTD provided denied my initial claim even though my employer had accepted 100% responsibility for my injury. Mel won the appeal. My LTD benefits were paid 10 months after I filed the initial claim. Then issued one check and then tried to close my claim. Mel handled this and my benefits checks started being sent monthly.

I Highly Recommend Mel Crawford

Mel Crawford successfully won my appeals for both Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD). He accomplished these feats despite the fact that my debilitating migraine disease has no objective evidence. He achieved success with my claims while being attentive to the financial risk-reward balance of expert witnesses. He used clear, organized thinking to associate a broad and deep knowledge of legal citations to my disability. Reading his work, I easily recognized that my insurer’s games and tricks were no match for his no-nonsense solid facts and arguments. He simply deprived my insurer of any possible response other than “Claim Approved”. He is ethical, detailed, thorough, effective, and efficient. He is an articulate, formidable, Ivy League legal strategist. He applied all of his highly-skilled attributes and experience at full force for the purpose of obtaining a successful outcome to my appeal. In addition, he listens, acknowledges, advocates and educates. Mr. Crawford delivers astounding performance with an astounding personality. I highly recommend him.

I’d been trying to fight my disability insurance claim on my own, and was just about to give up because of the terrible toll it was taking when a friend referred me to Mel’s firm. After that first call with Mel I was so relieved to discover that there was someone out there who had dedicated their professional life to defending ill people against their insurance companies.

Professionally, he knows ERISA law inside and out and was on top of every minute detail of my case; it ended up in federal court and Mel capitalized on any misstep, no matter how tiny, by Prudential’s attorneys. Personally, he really cares about his clients, and his kindness and empathy show in every interaction. He was always very clear in his explanations of the law as it applied to my case and extremely prompt in responding to my questions as they arose.

We won my case in federal court and I finally received all of the back benefits owed to me; Mel was even able to get me a sizable amount of interest, which was the icing on the cake. It was also very gratifying that Prudential had to pay for all of Mel’s time from the beginning of the federal suit onward.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would not have had a successful outcome without legal representation, but I truly believe that I had the very best in every regard. Mel is not only exceptionally good at what he does, he is an exceptional person.

I feel extremely grateful that the first two attorneys I contacted for help with my ERISA long-term disability claim had just retired. Otherwise, I would not have found Mel. Easy to work with, personable, caring, time efficient, organized, and knows exactly what to do with regard to ERISA claims. My insurance company had been dragging their feet for months–neither approving nor disapproving my claim. Within one month of Mel coming into the picture the claim was approved. Mel is a true advocate for the injured or ill exactly when a person needs help the most.

Mel is the BEST! My life changed for the better the moment I met him. I was diagnosed with a disabling condition, unable to work, overwhelmed at the prospect of dealing with insurance companies and ignorant of the law. In our first meeting, Mel genuinely respected my personal experience, informed me about ERISA laws and procedures, and immediately defined a path to address my legal and financial concerns.
Long story made short: Within one year (record time, perhaps!), with Mel’s guidance and assistance, I successfully resolved issues with the insurance company and began receiving the benefits that are due to me.

Mel’s expertise with ERISA laws and procedures were critical to my moving ahead with my life. What made working with this attorney truly exceptional were Mel’s insight, advice, availability, responsiveness and above all, his personal care . . all of which he consistently demonstrated throughout our work together.

Today, I still have my disability, but I have my life back . . . in large part because I met Mel and followed his advice. I cannot sing his praises high or wide enough.

My husband has a disability and his doctor told him to take a leave of absence. Unfortunately, Aetna said he was not disabled and there was no reason he couldn’t work. We appealed with no success. Our doctor appealed with no success. We were referred to Mel and he was wonderful! He interviewed us and explained all about how the process works and what the insurance company is looking for. He took our case and worked diligently compiling all the necessary paperwork. He researched case law and cited case after case where judges had ruled in favor of people with the exact same disabling condition we were struggling with. He showed them where there were flaws in their paperwork.

As a direct result of his efforts, our appeal was approved. After 4 1/2 months of trying to live with no income, we are getting a retro check and will be getting our full disability checks in the future.

Mel is extremely caring, accurate and responsive. No one could expect any more from any attorney. What a blessing this man has been to us.

Compassionate, well informed, ethical, honest. What more can I say? The very best!!!

I engaged Mel when I was unsuccessful with my long-term disability claim with my insurance company. My appeal was denied and they provided one more review of my claim. I decided it was time to find someone who knows the ins and outs of dealing with insurance company claims. I believed I had a legitimate claim, however getting them to approve it within the guidelines of the policy was a completely different game. Mel immediately went on the attack and completed the package for me and in the end they did approve my claim. So I received a good result and that might be the reason for my positive review. Not. Mel did exactly what needed to be done to achieve our objective and was very conscious of the cost and time spent to do so. I would definitely recommend him.

Mel is not only a great lawyer but a great human being. He is smart, knows ERISA in and out, and provides superior representation and responsiveness. I hired him when the corporation I worked for refused to pay health benefits. He was able to quickly cite to them the laws they were potentially in breach of, despite their refusal to provide any benefits documentation. I ended up being paid the benefits they had denied, thanks to Mel. When you feel powerless to help yourself, Mel’s someone you can count on.